Hello, commissions are open, just send in your character.  If you don’t have a specific character, describe what they look like and their personality. Also, ask what mod or admin you’d like to make your art!


Best Regards , ❤

❤ Angie


About Angie



I’m Angie, the sites’ admin/mod! I’m the original creator of pastelpixels.

Likes: Pastels, pixels, donuts, polar bears, music, art, brunette hair, caramel, chocolate, my computer, the outdoors, coffee, chokers, sweat pants, jean shorts, baggy sweatshirts, anime, manga, water, sunrise/sunset.

Dislikes: HEAVY GORE (Constant and graphic.), cheaters, peer pressure, rude people, bad grammar.

Have a lovely day ^U^


We will not give our address or phone number away. It is possible for us to give our emails, you have to request for it though.